30 seconds to start massive growth?

By CorexpandCX on April 12, 2013

Our strategic leader and chief visionary Lindsey Tanner sent out this email last week. But we realize that not everyone stays on top of their email. So, to be fair to all, we thought we should include it in the blog.

Here was the email:

Got 30 seconds? Then check out this quick story, because it could have a massive impact on your business.

For the past few months, we’ve been working to help one of our customers on a very special project.

A supplier/customer of CoreXpand had his eye on a very specific market, and he looked to us for help.

Well, after sizing up the situation we helped this supplier see a much bigger picture and put a strategy in place that was more powerful than anything he imagined.

The results?

How about getting customer requests for 800 new custom MarketPlaces and delivering them in a month?

And how about implementing a program so powerful that his competitors are evaporating faster than mosquitoes in a bug zapper?

Now, that isn’t potential; it’s what happened.

And now, with this program perfected, we’ve decided to offer a few other growth minded business owners the same opportunity to completely dominate their chosen markets.

If you’re the type who wants more from your sales and are committed to growing your business, then there’s never been a more important time to make sure you read our emails. If you’re not on the newsletter list yet, sign up for our “Stay One Step Ahead” newsletter to the right.

In the next couple weeks, we’ll be sharing more of the inside story about this strategy and other important details for those of you who want to experience the explosive growth you just heard about.

So, just to make it official… if you’re one of those who want to get a jump on things before we release the details about what made all that possible, go ahead and contact us .

But if you’re not ready to jump, that’s okay too. Because over the next week or so we’ll be releasing the full details about not only what we did and how we did it, but also how you’ll be able to do the same thing.

That said, we’re only going to be able to help non-competitive businesses (sorry, the university and college promotional product market is already being dominated by the business I’ve been talking about). So, just in case you might have your eye on the same market as someone else reading this, you might want to go ahead and get ahold of us.

Either way, to be sure you get the inside scoop, sign up for our “Stay One Step Ahead” newsletter to the right and keep reading our emails. Things are about to get real exciting around here.


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