A Different Kind of Giving

By CorexpandCX on January 5, 2012

CoreXpand was in the news recently.

Last year, Lindsey Tanner (founder and CEO of CoreXpand) set a phenomenal example of just how positively businesses can impact their local non-profit organizations.

Many businesses donate money and/or encourage their employees to donate or volunteer, but Lindsey went a step further: he paid his people to help.

Lindsey paid his team, via approving the work on company time, to apply their respective expertise to help the Georgia Boy Choir reach its year-end goals.

CoreXpand helped by handling several offline and online marketing, business planning, and website development functions.

The result was a great success, helping the GBC to break concert attendance records and achieve success with an inaugural program book advertising drive.

As CoreXpand and others proved, local businesses can make a big difference in their communities by getting creative in the way they help.

If you’d like to, you can read the press release here.

or Check out the The Georgia Boy Choir to hear some beautiful music.


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