How to generate more online product sales with better product descriptions

By CorexpandCX on July 13, 2011

Product descriptions are the window display of your product. When your buyer is browsing your products, they are window shopping.

They may be already looking for something in particular, or they may have no idea what they want to purchase.

They may be just looking for a solution to a problem, or they may be looking for creative ideas.

But no matter what their ultimate goal, you can be certain that they want to reach it quickly and conveniently.

The product description is the perfect solution… your “virtual salesperson” that will guide them to exactly what they need.

So how do you write the perfect description? Just like an effective real world salesman; you ask questions, listen to your customers wants, and then reply with answers to your customer’s needs.

You can use the “5W/1H” principle to come up with the questions to ask about your product.

Here a few examples:

  • Who will use this product? Who does this product solve a problem for? Who is the product best suited for?
  • What is an example of a situation where this product will solve a problem? What is this product for ? What does this product do? What other parts do you need to make this product operate (i.e. batteries)? What are technical specs?  What are the dimensions/weight?
  • When can this product be used ? (i.e.  is it a seasonal product? Is it meant only for holidays or special occasions?) When would you not use this product?
  • Where is this type of product most commonly used? Where is it recommended that the product is used?
  • Why would this product be of use to the end user?  Why would the customer want to buy this product?
  • How is this product used? How does this product operate? How can a customer use the product?

For specific products that someone may be searching for, make sure to include the following in the product description:

Brand Name & Model numbers / Similar Names – write out the full model number and also use abbreviations. Some buyers will search by abbreviation. Others will search by the full model number or similar names.

  • For Example: Mac laptop accessory, Macintosh laptop accessory, apple laptop accessory

What the part belongs to – if they’re components of another product or an accessory to specific type of product.

  • For Example:  ink cartridge for a printer  or iPhone 4 cover

Use this simple technique and you’ll create great product descriptions that will increase your sales, retain customers, and prevent returns/refunds.

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