B2B eCommerce for Sellers

B2B eCommerce Solutions – Finding the Right Solution for your Unique Business

By CorexpandCX on November 30, 2012

Finding a b2b ecommerce solution that fits your unique business needs has become more important for companies who want to do business more efficiently and/or stay ahead of competitors. From a purchasing perspective,

SciQuest Punchout Catalogs – How to get a serious sales boost

By CorexpandCX on November 16, 2012

SciQuest is an eprocurement system that many large universities, corporations, and laboratories use to manage their purchasing processes and strategic procurement. As a supplier, connecting to the SciQuest Supplier Network is critical to

Promotional products suppliers: Are you ready for the big one?

By CorexpandCX on December 20, 2011

For many in the promotional products industry, it’s not officially the New Year until the PPAI EXPO in Las Vegas. For 2012, that’s January 2-6. While consumers are hurriedly running around buying last

Don’t think your products will sell online? Here’s why you should think again…

By Chris Shults, Punchout Catalog and B2B e-Commerce Specialist on November 21, 2011

If eBay and Amazon have taught us anything, it’s that eCommerce is here to stay. But more than that, it is becoming the number one way people buy, period.  But in the B2B

Are you making the most of your sites?

By John Winchester on November 1, 2011

One thing that happens frequently in our day to day conversations with our valued customers is the “moment of discovery”… when they realize just how remarkably flexible our e-commerce solutions really are. This

How to use flexible e-commerce credit card processing

By CorexpandCX on October 4, 2011

CoreXpand has several methods for accepting payments through your ecommerce store. One of the most common methods used is credit card processing. Whether you’re using a punchout catalog, a company store, a private

How to Set Up Budget or Incentive Points Programs

By Karen Inman on September 28, 2011

In the two previous blog posts, we discussed the benefits of points programs, and how to set up a basic points program in your store. The CoreXpand system offers two premium point program

How to set up a Basic Points Program

By Karen Inman on September 23, 2011

As mentioned in my previous post regarding Point Programs, the CoreXpand system allows you to use “basic points”. This functionality is included in the system and can be used as needed. In this

Point programs: What are they and how can they benefit my business?

By Karen Inman on September 21, 2011

Point programs (also known as loyalty or incentive programs) are a great way to motivate and reward employees, customers, and clients through an e-commerce point system. They are often used in conjunction with

When is it time to start selling your products online?

By Chris Shults, Punchout Catalog and B2B e-Commerce Specialist on September 2, 2011

For just a moment, imagine this scenario… You’re a small distributor of physical products or commodities, and you’ve acquired some good accounts and contracts – even some very large customers like governments, universities,

Great Expectations: Creating an effective ecommerce plan

By Jason Masters on August 25, 2011

Every journey begins with the first step & getting there is half the fun. In real life situations, most of us know that it’s important to make sure our expectations are realistic. We

The Power of Joint Ventures

By CorexpandCX on August 22, 2011

Want to double, even triple your prospect and customer base – instantly? You can by wielding the power of Joint Ventures. You’re invited to join Lindsey Tanner, Colette Marshall, and Lake Furney on August

How to Boost Customer Retention and Protect Your Clients from Big Corporations – Part 2

By CorexpandCX on August 15, 2011

In part 1 of “How to Boost Customer Retention” blog post series, we discussed the three pronged “secret weapon” you can use to combat the large companies who target your clients. Today, we’ll

The Foundations of Basic Strategic Planning

By Alan Lowe on August 8, 2011

Last time we talked about the types of models a company could use to conduct a Strategic Planning session. Today, let’s take a quick look at the Basic Strategic Planning model. Conceptually, there

How to Boost Customer Retention and Protect Your Clients from Big Corporations

By CorexpandCX on August 5, 2011

During the melee of the current economy, we’ve all watched countless businesses fall. It’s a stressful time, wondering “Am I next?” But despite an uncertain future, you can’t help but watch the marketplace