A dedicated team you can be proud of…

By CorexpandCX on October 21, 2011

In an age when the average employee turn-around time for technology companies is 2 years, CoreXpand is proud to share that over 75% the staff at CoreXpand has worked for the company for

Another milestone for a dedicated CoreXpand expert

By CorexpandCX on October 17, 2011

Not too long ago, we told you about one of our stellar support staff reaching the big 10 year mark with CoreXpand. And in an age where the average technology employee is 2

How Steve Job’s legacy affects your business

By CorexpandCX on October 14, 2011


Steve Jobs not only impacted the computer and cellphone industries by leading Apple in powerful new directions, he also had a massive impact on website design, particularly b2b websites, whether he knew it

Great News for Purchasing and e-Procurement System Managers

By CorexpandCX on October 3, 2011

If you manage an e-procurement system like Ariba, PeopleSoft, SciQuest, Oracle, etc., then your life just got a whole lot easier. CoreXpand has released functionality that takes care of two major problems faced

The Power of Joint Ventures

By CorexpandCX on August 22, 2011

Want to double, even triple your prospect and customer base – instantly? You can by wielding the power of Joint Ventures. You’re invited to join Lindsey Tanner, Colette Marshall, and Lake Furney on August

The CoreXpand Team: As Dedicated as Ever

By CorexpandCX on August 17, 2011

CoreXpand recently celebrated the anniversaries of another two of our outstanding team members, Karen and Robert. Karen is one of our expert Client Support Representatives. She has worked with the CoreXpand system for

New, Advanced e-Commerce Functions Lead to Greater User Customer Satisfaction and Customer Retention

By John Winchester on August 11, 2011

The CoreXpand development team is constantly making changes and improvements to our system. The goal of this constant and never-ending improvement of course is to provide you with the best tools with which

How to Boost Customer Retention and Protect Your Clients from Big Corporations

By CorexpandCX on August 5, 2011

During the melee of the current economy, we’ve all watched countless businesses fall. It’s a stressful time, wondering “Am I next?” But despite an uncertain future, you can’t help but watch the marketplace

Market Segmentation Webinar a Big Hit

By CorexpandCX on August 4, 2011

Last Tuesday, CoreXpand hosted the latest in our Advanced E-Commerce Webinar Series. The topic was Market Segmentation, and a lot of you recognized the true value of getting started on employing this remarkably

Webinar Announcement: Understanding Market Segmentation

By CorexpandCX on July 18, 2011

Understanding Market Segmentation: How to Target Your Audience for Dramatic Business Growth When it comes to marketing, most businesses take a “shotgun” approach. That means creating materials that summarize every product and/or service

The Power and Profit of Punchout Connections – Updated

By CorexpandCX on July 11, 2011

Several months ago, we wrote an ebook called “The Power and Profit of Punchout Connections”.  It gives a useful overview of what PunchOut catalogs are and, more importantly, how you can profit from

B2B e-Commerce, Independence, and Freedom

By CorexpandCX on July 4, 2011

Independence Day… that great day in our country’s history when we celebrate the freedoms our forefathers fought so hard to give us. Even with our economic struggles, we can still be thankful that

The CoreXpand team: Dedicated to excellence for your business success

By CorexpandCX on June 8, 2011

CoreXpand recently celebrated the anniversary of two of its outstanding team members, Magesh and Rashmi Sreenivasan. Congratulations Magesh and Rashmi! Thank you for your dedication to CoreXpand and its customers! Magesh is our

Purchasing Departments to Receive Serious Spend Management Boost as New Generation of PunchOut Catalogs Radically Improves Supplier Enablement and Supplier Onboarding

By CorexpandCX on June 1, 2011

Industry first ‘PunchOut Wizard’ allows suppliers to create fast, easy, and affordable custom PunchOut catalogs that include never-before-seen buyer control functions. Purchasing departments can finally eliminate an enormous obstacle that interferes with three