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How B2B eCommerce Can Increase Sales Profits

By CoreXpand's B2B E-Commerce Team on August 12, 2013

Cutting costs has always been a crucial element for any business looking to increase its bottom line. And these days, it’s not just buyers and purchasing managers who must be vigilant; every department,

The real edge that Punchout gives to suppliers

By CoreXpand PunchOut Team on August 9, 2013


To say that competition among B2B suppliers is steep is like calling the Grand Canyon a hole in the ground. It should come as no surprise that many business owners and sales people

Lesser Known Advantages of B2B E-commerce

By CoreXpand's B2B E-Commerce Team on August 8, 2013

The numerous advantages of modern B2B E-commerce – ability to adapt quickly to customer needs, streamlined ordering, scalability, etc., etc. are plain to see. But there are other, less obvious advantages that can

PunchOut Catalogs: “Suiting up” For the Big Game

By CoreXpand PunchOut Team on July 31, 2013

A great uniform, quality shoes, preparation, and conditioning. These are all key ingredients that help boost the success of any athlete getting ready for the “big game”. So why would you ignore the right

What the %$@#! is B2B E-Commerce?

By CorexpandCX on July 25, 2013

There’s so much talk about B2B ecommerce these days, one could get annoyed. Especially if, like most business owners and managers, you don’t really know what the heck it means. So just what

The Power of Convenience: Buyers’ Hunt For Better Online Experiences Favor the Prepared

By CorexpandCX on June 27, 2013

Researching product, prices, and suppliers are just some of the things buyers must do before making purchases online. Because buyers need to make purchases with the least time and effort, it’s no surprise

Are you ready for the next generation of buyers?

By CorexpandCX on June 18, 2013

While we might not like the idea, the fact is; we’re all aging. And while it’s nice to develop relationships with customers and suppliers over years – even decades – the reality is that

Use of PunchOut Catalogs continues to spread

By CorexpandCX on April 10, 2013

The number of purchasing departments that request or require PunchOut catalogs from suppliers keeps growing. And the suppliers who are taking a proactive approach to this evolution of the marketplace are reaping the

E-Procurement System ROI: One Simple Step

By CorexpandCX on March 6, 2013

An e-procurement system can be one of the most significant operational investments a company can make. But the fact is, you can’t achieve return on that investment without one key ingredient. Here’s how

How “Two Sided” Thinking Can Uncover Hidden Profits

By CorexpandCX on February 26, 2013

Regardless of which side of business you’re focused on – buying or selling – understanding the impact that each has on the other can unlock hidden profits for your business. While the inner

B2B eCommerce Solutions – Finding the Right Solution for your Unique Business

By CorexpandCX on November 30, 2012

Finding a b2b ecommerce solution that fits your unique business needs has become more important for companies who want to do business more efficiently and/or stay ahead of competitors. From a purchasing perspective,

Ariba Level 2 Punchout – How to make your products more visible to buyers!

By CorexpandCX on November 9, 2012

Ariba is a commonly used eprocurement system among large purchasing organizations. As a supplier, you will connect to your Ariba Buyer through the ASN (Ariba Supplier Network). You can provide your vendor product

Level 1 Punchout Catalogs vs Level 2 Punchout Catalogs: Explained!

By CorexpandCX on November 6, 2012

A Punchout catalog is a specific kind of online website (aka supplier catalog) that connects a vendor’s product data directly to a customer’s eprocurement system (Ariba, SAP, Oracle, SciQuest, PeopleSoft, etc.). But did

Tip of the Day – Automate your industry and competitor research

By CorexpandCX on March 7, 2012

There is a free tool that Google generously offers that is a great B2B research and B2B marketing tool for all business professionals. It’s a simple, effective way to research your industry, keep

How To Write Basic HTML for Absolute Beginners

By CorexpandCX on February 17, 2012

As your customers and prospects visit your website, there may be times that you want to emphasize a certain idea or have a particular idea attract a little more attention. One simple way