Do you really know your customers?

By CorexpandCX on January 7, 2013

As you look to improve your business in 2013, it’s important to take a look at “business as usual”.

When it comes to growing your business or making it more profitable, the first thing that comes to mind may be, “How do I get new customers?”

But have you considered the cost of losing your current customers? If you’ve had some key clients for years, you may feel “safe”, and count on your relationship to stay the course.

But what if you lost them? Even with great relationships, if you have customers who also are businesses, you have to remember that they also need to improve their own businesses and make themselves more profitable as well.

And whether or not you’re part of their overall improvement picture relies on one very critical question; how well do you know your customer?

We’ve spoken before about the idea of strategic selling, but a big part of doing that effectively means knowing what your customer needs beyond your products/services.

How do you find out what those needs are? Ask.

You can do that through surveys, comment boxes, marketing analysis, etc., but the quickest way is to pick up that phone. Tell them you’re interested in finding out how you can serve them better in 2013. Then, ask them what their biggest purchasing or resale challenges are.

This information will give you an inside track over any competitors out there who are eyeballing your prized clients. Armed with that competitive edge information, you can then talk with our ecommerce specialists and find out how we can refine your customer specific sites to address the challenges you identified.

There’s no better way to cement your relationships and reinforce your customers’ loyalty than by making their lives easier and becoming more of an integral way they do business in general.

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