Don’t get left out in the cold

By CorexpandCX on January 25, 2013

We’ve been saying for years that the future of online business for suppliers means getting all your catalog data set up to be able to respond to the growing trend of business automation and data integration.

A recent article in ComputerWorld is yet another reminder that the steady march towards total systems integration is still in full swing.

SAP, one of the largest enterprise software providers in the world of business today, announced plans to integrate Ariba, one of the top creators of e-procurement software.

What does this mean to you?

It means that, as more and more businesses work towards total integration of all departments (purchasing, accounting, shipping, etc.), there will be less and less tolerance for suppliers that don’t have the technical capability, or state of readiness, to “plug-in”.

Fortunately, if you’re a CoreXpand customer, you already have one of the most powerful and adaptable ecommerce engines available to you to ensure you’re ready when opportunity knocks.

But if you don’t want to be left out in the cold, or show up late to the party, you’ll want to talk with one of our ecommerce experts about what your state of readiness actually is.

Another smart plan is to become proactive, rather than reactive. That means, don’t wait for another supplier to show up on your customer’s door with a “plug and play” solution all ready to go.

That’s a very real threat, because your customers are already likely moving in the direction of data integration and just may not have informed their suppliers yet.

So if super aggressive “modern supplier” show up with the ability to deliver a cutting edge ecommerce integration-ready solution, your customer may just decide to “go another direction” and leave you outside the party looking in.

To find out what your ecommerce state of readiness really is, and to help ensure you don’t get left out in the cold with integrated data prospects, just click here and we’ll set up a time to review your situation.

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