New, Advanced e-Commerce Functions Lead to Greater User Customer Satisfaction and Customer Retention

By John Winchester on August 11, 2011

The CoreXpand development team is constantly making changes and improvements to our system.

The goal of this constant and never-ending improvement of course is to provide you with the best tools with which to serve your clients and customers.

By providing the best possible e-commerce experience, you increase user satisfaction. And ultimately that leads to greater customer retention and more new prospects.

But because they happen so steadily (and sometimes rapidly), there are some advanced features available in your CoreXpand system that you might have missed through our Newsletter, Blog, or Facebook announcements.

Here are a few of the recent advancements you can use when setting up your sites that you should consider implementing in your CoreXpand e-commerce sites (stores) that can lead to that greater customer retention and new prospect interest:

Multiple product category listings for the same product

If you would like to show the same product in more than one category on the store, we have the ability to set the products in a multiple categories feature for you.

No Shipping Charge for select items

There may be some items that you don’t want to charge shipping for (i.e., gift cards or purchase of points). Just let us know, and we can set those items for you.

Custom message on each page of the store

Need to add a custom message to most of the pages of a store? You can do that using the CoStore 7.0 Content and Style Designer.

Quick Registration feature for your users

If you don’t want to have your users setup an account and just want to allow them to make a purchase quickly, just use the quick registration feature, which enables them to complete a purchase simply by entering an email address.

Add your logo and links to the store footer

Want to enhance your marketing by adding your logo and link to your own site on the footer of every store?  You can with a little custom html code in the Links To Other Sites sections.

These are just a few of the additional features and functions that you might want to utilize on your stores. If you ever need any help with setting up features like the ones above, all you need to do is send an email to support , and we will be glad to help you get these setup and working on your site.

We also have some great training guides that can help with both the advanced and standard features on our system.

Always keep in mind that if there is something that is not currently offered, our system is open ended. The development team can add virtually any function or feature you would like to your store.

Just contact us and request a no obligation, no hassle quote for the additional features you want.

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