How to use flexible e-commerce credit card processing

By CorexpandCX on October 4, 2011

CoreXpand has several methods for accepting payments through your ecommerce store. One of the most common methods used is credit card processing. Whether you’re using a punchout catalog, a company store, a private marketplace, or other b2b ecommerce setup, we have a couple of different ways to accept credit cards.

[Editor’s Note: If you’re unsure of which is best for your business, take advantage of our free e-commerce analysis sessions. Our e-commerce experts will guide you to the best options for your unique situation.]

Accepting Credit cards

How does your company currently accept credit card payments?  Do you process them using an online merchant account, or do you typically get a credit card number manually from your clients?  Fortunately, the adaptability of the CoreXpand platform accommodates both methods.

If you let your salesperson know what internet merchant account you currently use, our support team can help you implement it on your online store or PunchOut Catalog.

If you’d just like to receive a secure email with a credit card number for processing offline later, contact support to see how this will work for you.

Online versus Offline Processing

Online credit card transactions are authorized by a third party merchant or “gateway” account that you create through companies like VeriSign, PayPal,, etc. Our ecommerce solutions connect to this gateway account and pass the user’s credit card information where user credentials and account balances are verified.

Once the transaction is verified, the order is approved. You can then review the transaction on the gateway provider’s website and see the details of the transaction online. Obviously, the full story is a more technically complex, but that’s how it works in a nutshell.

Offline processing, or “Secure email credit card processing”, does not authorize cards online.  During the shopping cart process, the buyer will enter their credit card information for the order just as they do for online processing methods. But instead of sending the credit card information to a third party gateway, the order is sent directly to you for processing along with a secure, encrypted email that contains the user’s credit card information.

Some vendors / suppliers prefer this method if they do not anticipate many orders, if they don’t want to pay merchant fees, or if their accounts receivable methods require credit cards to be processed by an accountant or other personnel.

All it takes to make this method work is a secure, digital ID that you can purchase online for under $20. Once purchased, contact CoreXpand Customer Support and we’ll help you get it applied to your online store or PunchOut catalog and working properly.

Of course, if you have any questions about either method, feel free to contact your Sales representative, or reach out to our Customer Support team.   We are happy to help guide you in the right direction.

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