Four Key Design Tips for Building Your Website

By Rashmi Manickam on June 15, 2011

When we build private marketplaces and other customer specific e-commerce sites for our customers, we have a real advantage.

That’s because our CoreXpand designers have fantastic instincts for creating eye-catching visuals. They’re versatile, and can design everything from whimsical, modern graphics to a more conservative, clean, professional looking website.

But what if you don’t have the advantage of a full design team?  What do you need to know to make sure your design is user-friendly and effective?

Of course, the ways a site can be designed, organized and structured are literally infinite. So where to start?

Here are a few key web design tips you can use to help when building your website:

1)      Visually a website should stand out.

Your website should not be cluttered or overly fancy. The graphics should be zesty and have lively colors. You want to brand it to be friendly and engaging, and you want to build it so it is easy to update or change the styling too.

2)      Use intuitive navigation

Your navigation throughout the site should be easy to find and step through. You can do this by keeping a consistent look on every page for the navigation.  If you’re designing a key customer website, remember that the site is targeted towards a specific client’s unique business needs.

That means that they may want their navigation structured in a way that you may not think is intuitive. In those cases, you’ll want to consult them on their needs (or, if you’re using us, we can handle that for you).

3)      Have a clear goal/purpose for the website

The purpose of your website will strongly impact the design.  Is your site providing more education or content or is a promotional website for your products? Many sites depend directly on the consumer’s interaction. Always keep redesigning your site as you learn what areas your buyers prefer and what areas bring the most revenue from your site.

4)      Design for the buyer NOT the designer

We must design for the way people actually use the web (not how we think they should) once we fully acknowledge the way people really browse the web, we can get smart and positively design our sites to help real-life users, and avoid all the common mistakes that make life difficult for them.

How real people use web pages:

  • They move quickly because they don’t like looking at the screen
  • They’re impatient – they tend to click the first promising link, and often don’t wait for pages to  finish loading
  • They don’t like to read, scanning text quickly for clues
  • They’re looking for things to help them do what they want to do

Design your site so that works with peoples normal motions rather than force them to use your site a specific way.

We hope that helps.

If you decide you’d like us to take care of the heavy lifting, you can get started quickly by selecting from our vast collection of e-commerce proven templates.

We recently updated our template site with new designs. We continue to add new designs constantly. Apart from web design, we can also help you with advanced Flash animation, online promotions sales flyers, and other marketing material.  Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

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