How to Boost Customer Retention and Protect Your Clients from Big Corporations – Part 2

By CorexpandCX on August 15, 2011

In part 1 of “How to Boost Customer Retention” blog post series, we discussed the three pronged “secret weapon” you can use to combat the large companies who target your clients.

Today, we’ll reveal how to wield this potent ally and deliver what your competitors don’t…  or can’t.

Thanks to a new generation of nimble, potent, and (thankfully) easy-to use online tools, the “little guys” no longer have to fear being crushed under foot by the Godzillas of the world.  And astonishingly, these monster slaying heroes are extremely user-friendly, requiring little to no IT involvement.

Known as private marketplaces, these e-commerce and e-business solutions offer unprecedented levels of personalized convenience for your customer.  Imagine having every one of your biggest customers being able to go to their own private site created exclusively for them.

Do you think that being able to find just the products they need, instead of having to search through all your products, might strike them as convenient?  How about seeing their pricing arrangement already displayed, instead of having to calculate their discounts?

The sheer number of functions and features in these private marketplaces is beyond what we can list here.  But here are a few:

“Quick-lists” of regularly purchased items – one click of the mouse and that month’s supplies are on the way.

Total flexibility in the way your catalog is structured – allows them to shop and buy according to their business preferences and workflow routines

Complete spend management tools behind the scenes – you become more than just another supplier, you become a partner in helping them accomplish their business goals

Automated catalog/site auditsgives them more peace of mind than any of your competitors by ensuring constant contract compliance

The effects of providing them with convenience, adaptability, and personalization – extreme convenience – are very powerful.

That’s partly because we are creatures of habit. And when your customers get used to quickly and easily doing something that would otherwise take them hours, your competitors couldn’t pry them away from that convenience with a crow bar.

Throw in all the other functions and features that make you more than just another supplier, and your customer list becomes bulletproof. Even better, when you’re that much better, you start drawing the attention of bigger customers and fatter contracts.

Surprisingly, these fully adaptable e-commerce solutions won’t break the bank.  In fact, they cost just a fraction of most large enterprise systems that would bankrupt a small to medium sized business.  That makes it something of an irony that these new breakthroughs are also much more user-friendly and manageable by anyone with basic computer skills as compared to big ticket systems.

And with their superior adaptability and personalization capabilities, it’s no wonder thousands of businesses are arming themselves with these new solutions.

Want to survive the oncoming march of the giants?  Adapt to your customer, personalize your offerings, and make buying from you more convenient than buying from anyone else.  Do that, and you’ll not only survive… you’ll thrive.

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