How to Boost Customer Retention and Protect Your Clients from Big Corporations

By CorexpandCX on August 5, 2011

During the melee of the current economy, we’ve all watched countless businesses fall.

It’s a stressful time, wondering “Am I next?”

But despite an uncertain future, you can’t help but watch the marketplace with wide-eyed fascination.

It’s become a battleground where Titans clash. Some mega-corporations – the biggest threat to small and medium businesses – are also fighting for their lives.

Yes, the recession has hit even the mighty. They too are scrambling to find customers wherever they can… and they’re left with little choice but to target the customers right under your nose.

That’s right… what you may not have realized yet is that these struggling giants are fighting over your customers.

What can you do? As a small to medium sized business, you often can’t match the price. And all the bells and whistles they use to lure customers to their whiz-bang websites seem to be the exclusive playground of the super-techno savvy and resource rich.

So what can a “regular” person do? It’s simple. Outshine the pants off the big boys. How? In the only way you can… service, service, service.

We’re not just talking about courtesy and smile, though both are vital. Nor are we talking about fast order processing and reliable shipping, though you’re sunk without those as well.

No, to compete against the biggest, you need a whole new paradigm in the way you think of and meet your customer’s needs. The new watchwords of customer service for the new millennium are personalization, adaptability, and convenience.

Those are the foundations that will bring in new customers. But in the current “age of convenience” and hyper-competitive marketplace, they’re also the sweet nectar that will keep them from ever leaving you.

And as it turns out, you can compete online… all while providing the personalization, adaptability, and convenience that even the “big boys” envy. In Part 2, we’ll show you how. Stay tuned


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