How to Set Up Budget or Incentive Points Programs

By Karen Inman on September 28, 2011

In the two previous blog posts, we discussed the benefits of points programs, and how to set up a basic points program in your store.

The CoreXpand system offers two premium point program features, “Point by Program” and “Point by Category”, which can both be used to track budgets in different ways.

Point by program

This feature allows you to set up programs as budgets (or incentive programs) and allows the user to select which one(s) they want to pull from, as they make a purchase.

As you can see from this example, I can choose to pay for the item in my cart with points from my sales budget and/or my customer support budget.

Point by Category

This feature is similar to Point by Program, in that you create programs for the different budgets or incentives and assign the users to them. The difference lies in the fact that the products themselves are assigned to the programs as well. When the user selects the item and checks out, points are automatically deducted from the program/budget associated with the item(s).

As you can see from this example, I am purchasing something from electronics and jewelry. I cannot choose how to spend the points; they are automatically deducted from the appropriate budget.

These premium features require programming by our top notch development team. Please contact your salesperson or customer support representative and we’ll be happy to give you pricing and help you set up your points program.

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