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By Karen Inman on December 19, 2011

Online Shopping: Registered User vs. Guest User

Standard functionality on most company store sites is that a shopper must register as a user of the store in order to add items to their cart.  But many online stores these days are also offering a guest purchase option which does not require the user to register.

What is the standard “Registered User” experience?

When the buyer (aka consumer, user, visitor, or prospect) reaches the product page, they will see a link to sign in. This will take them to the store sign in page where they can enter their login information. Once they login, they will be returned to the product they were viewing.

In some situations, the user may find this too restrictive or “uninviting”. As an online store owner, you need to make a decision on whether you require registered access or  guest access is okay.  CoreXpand offers a couple of different options to streamline the shopping experience.

Option 1: Browser add to basket

The shopper can add items to their cart and are not prompted to create an account or log in until they begin the checkout process. They can add items to their cart, and when they click the “checkout” button from the shopping basket, they are taken to the sign in page where they can log in to complete their order.

Option 2: Quick Registration – “Guest” ordering

As with “Browser add to basket”, the shopper can add items to their cart without signing in. The difference is that when they click “checkout” from the shopping basket page, they are NOT taken to the sign in page.

The page reached only requires them to provide an email address to proceed. Once they enter it, they will be required to enter their shipping information on the following page in order to complete their order.

Please note: Once a shopper finalizes an order, an account is created behind the scenes with their email address, so any additional orders placed will be associated to it. This allows the administrator to make better use of the store order reports.

Contact the CoreXpand Support or Sales Team if you’re interested in either of these features, and we’ll be glad to activate it for you.

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