Is being profitable your only goal?

By Alan Lowe on November 10, 2011

A wise man once told me, “ For a business, profits are like breathing – without them you die.”

But profits cannot be the only goal.  For a company to grow and be successful, there must be a greater purpose for the enterprise than just making money.  People want to make a difference with their work.  In general, we as human beings want to feel like our lives count for something.

What is the reason that your company exists?  Do your employees know what it is?  It is this sense of shared goals and values that can transform an ordinary organization into a high performing team.  Do your company’s employees know what your values are?

Are they written down and shared with all of the members of your team?   Are they talked about and utilized in your hiring process?  What happens to employees who do not live up to them or ignore them?  CEOs have exactly the kind of staff that they deserve.  That is a sobering thought, isn’t it?  If we as leaders tolerate poor performance and behaviors that are not aligned with our company’s values, then we deserve the poor results we may be seeing.


As CEO and President of The Lowe Group, Alan helps Business Owners and Executives grow their companies and reach their Long Term Goals. He has extensive experience in Strategic Planning, Financial Management, Executive Coaching and Leadership Development. During his career he served at the C-Level for companies in four different industries. His strong analytical skills, strategic thinking and practical approach to business helped the owners grow their companies and position themselves for a successful exit. Additionally, Alan also served as a Chair for Vistage International for 12 years. During this time he coached dozens of CEOs and Business Owners in a variety of different industries to improve their Return on Investment, get clarity around their Strategic Intentions, and improve their leadership skills.

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