Landing page optimization Tip: Promote Products on sale or Feature new products

By John Winchester on July 15, 2011

Take advantage of landing page optimization on the welcome page to market to your buyers.

For example, you can promote new products you’ve added to the site. If your store is for a key account and they have an event coming up you can put a product on sale to encourage the purchase of that product; or if you store is internal for your sales team, you can promote the new marketing material that’s available for them to use.  There are many ways you can optimize the welcome page and use it to your marketing advantage.

How to Add Custom Text and image to your welcome page.

A great way to use this first landing page (also known as the welcome page) is to promote products on sale or new featured products.  Instead of just adding some custom text to your welcome page, use some simple html to add an image of the featured product and link to the product detail page.

This can be a static image, or you can get creative with either a rotating gif image or even embed a video.

1) First you will need to decide on a layout for the page. Where do you want the image on the page and what is the supporting text you are going to use? Since the custom page area supports html code you can either use a table or CSS (cascading style sheet) to layout the page.

2)  Upload the image to your layout2 folder in the Master Admin Console under the Store Admin –> Upload Images area or find the link for the image you’d like to use that’s already uploaded.

3)  Now comes the fun part, create the new featured area on your welcome page

Go to your Store Console:

Navigate to Store Content > Custom Text

Enter your code into the welcome page box.

To pull or call an image from layout2 all you need to add for the html code is:

<img src=” Name/layout2/Image File Name.jpg” alt=”” />

To link directly to the product from the image, the code would look like this:

<a href=”javascript:jp(enterpriseID,productID,0)”><img src=” Name/layout2/Image File Name.jpg”></a>

Replace [Store Name] , [Image File Name.jpg], [enterpriseID],[productID] respectively.

3)      Save and Publish your Store . You’ll see the image with a link directly to the product.

You can also use a simple table. This will help you line things up the way you want them to appear on the page.

An example of the html table code is:

<table width=”900″ border=”0″ cellspacing=”0″ cellpadding=”0″>
<td>Text would go here</td>
<td>Image code would go here</td>

Remember you can get very creative when you are featuring products on the welcome page and the only limitations are what you can imagine and code.

If you don’t feel comfortable designing your welcome page, remember that you can always contact the CoreXpand design team to give you a helping hand.

Here is an example of ways that you can be creative on the welcome page [click on an image to see more]:

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