How to ensure the most successful business to business ecommerce relationships

By CorexpandCX on January 18, 2012

In today’s ever changing online world, buyers are looking for more.

More convenience, more flexibility, more adaptability, more personalization… the list of demands on modern online suppliers grows all the time.

If you want to ensure that you maintain your edge over your competition, and maintain the most successful business to business e-commerce relationships, here’s what you must keep in mind.

Purchasing organizations want more than just products and services

The main reason that the demands on supplier online business practices are increasing is that the demands on purchasing managers are increasing.

Purchasing managers are under more pressure than ever to control spend, save time, save money, and reduce risk. Naturally, any supplier who can help them accomplish those goals gets preferred status.

That’s a big reason CoreXpand users dominate their competition. The adaptability of our Adaptable Commerce Engine (ACE) platform allows suppliers to do business in the way that suits the customer’s buying practices best.

Along the way, CoreXpand users help these purchasing organizations by providing much more than just products and services. If you are a CoreXpand user, and haven’t pointed out what you can do, you may be missing an opportunity to lock in lifetime loyalty from your biggest customers.

Here’s how your CoreXpand platform can help your customers meet the critical goals mentioned above:

  • Control spend– with complete buyer login security and the ability to authorize/limit certain buying functions, purchasing managers can put a complete stop to maverick spending. Also, robust reporting and tracking functions give them total visibility to help monitor expenses.Save time – if you have your company store or online catalog already up and running, you’re already saving them a boatload of time. But have you made sure your customer is getting the most out of your store?

    With favorites lists and the ability to customize the categories of products, you can dial in whatever practices/methods fit their internal process. If you haven’t checked in with them to see if they need any modifications, you may be missing an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to being a “spend management partner”, and prove your service above and beyond your competitors (remember, they’re always looking for a way in).

    Save money – If you use a company store or private marketplace for your customers, chances are that you’re already locking in best price with your contracts.

    But what if you get a special buy and would like to pass the savings on to your customer? Did you know you can add alerts and display ads to your store that can put your offer right in front of them every time they go to your store?

    Reduce risk – One of the greatest fears of purchasing organizations doing business online today is that suppliers will change items or prices without their knowing about it. With the ACE technology in your pocket, you can offer proprietary buyer control functions that give complete visibility of all your catalog content changes.

This allows them to receive alerts and, if it’s appropriate for your situation, even approve/deny capabilities if you are forced to change product sources or have unavoidable price changes.

While this may not be appropriate for all customers, it is certainly appealing to larger customers, particularly those who use supplier PunchOut catalogs.

By providing them with such a high degree of visibility and accountability, you are demonstrating your commitment to their peace of mind in a way your competitors can’t.

Here’s the bottom line: if you want to set yourself apart from your competitors and give yourself the opportunity to dominate your market, you have to provide service to your customers that goes beyond just your products and services.

By using the full range of your company store/online catalog’s capabilities, you are ensuring the most successful business to business e-commerce relationship.

If you don’t have these features and functions “turned on” in your company store/online catalog and would like to activate them, or if you just didn’t know about them and would like to learn more, give your account executive a call or set up a time to talk here.

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