New Multi-Language ECommerce Capability Released!

By CorexpandCX on January 10, 2012

A new technology was unveiled by CoreXpand which gives sales teams the ability to create B2B ecommerce sites that can serve multiple languages and currencies.

This can lead to an exponential increase in sales by appealing to and serving international and cross-cultural prospects and customers without the expense and hassle of using multiple systems or departments.

According to Nadia D. from, “The multi-language feature boosts our relationship with our customers because it allows [us] to truly tailor a site to the customer and their needs.  We are now able to capture the French speaking market which only boosts our business. It’s also very refreshing that CoreXpand can develop new features and can grow with our business.”

With this breakthrough, communication in no longer a barrier if you’re looking to use ecommerce to expand your B2B markets to include international and cross-cultural prospects and customers.

If you want to see this new functionality in action, you can call your account executive, or reserve a time online. As always, there’s no pressure, hassle or obligation to talk with our team or see what solutions are available to you.

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