Setting up private versus public access to your company stores

By Karen Inman on December 6, 2011

The CoreXpand ecommerce system allows you to control whether your products or services are available to the general public for purchase or only to registered users.

Is your online store public or private?A registered user could be anyone that you control the rights to access, or you could require the users to register an account before they purchase.Here are some examples of how private vs public stores can be used:

  • Wholesale Suppliers Website: Public access with Authorized users
  • Company Incentive Program: Private access
  • General store for consumers: Public access
  • Online marketplace for specific client: Private access

A public store is basically open for business to anyone who knows the URL for the site, or finds your site through online or offline marketing strategies. Ideally, it’s a retail site where everyone is welcome to shop whether they’re consumers or businesses.

Even if you make your online store public, you can still prevent unwanted shoppers from accessing it. For example, you can make your products visible, but require an authorized login before seeing prices. This is common for wholesale suppliers.

CoreXpand Solution TipHow to limit the public access to your online store:

In the Store Administration Console under store settings > user sign in options

First, set the store so the landing page is the user sign in page.You then have the ability to remove the “browse before signing in” feature and can also disable the ability for visitors to create their own accounts.

Please note: if you don’t allow shoppers to create their own accounts, you will need to preload or add them as needed.

A private store, on the other hand, is meant for online commerce situations where you need to lock down who has access to your store entirely.

For example, let’s say you have created a company incentive program and you don’t want just anyone getting into the store and looking around, but you do need to allow users to add themselves on the user sign in page.

If the store is in private mode, users would need to enter the private store password to be able to reach the user sign in page.Only the store logo would be visible and any message you have set up for the store sign in page.

This is also a great way to temporarily “close” a store for inventory reconciliation or maintenance.

CoreXpand Solution TipHow to change your store from public to private:

Go to the Store Administration Console> store settings > store mode & security > security mode tab. Change from public to private.

Then, go to the tab labeled “Private Security” and enter a password for the store. This can be a combination of numbers and letters, but should not exceed 10 characters.

To setup a custom message for the store sign in page, go to store designer > CoStore 7.0 Content & Style Designer > Sign in pages > Store Sign in Header > in the box that opens, type in the message and save.

Please be sure to publish the store for the changes to be reflected on the storefront.

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