Introducing the Punchout Catalog Video Series

By CorexpandCX on January 31, 2013

Companies and organizations are continuously looking for ways to meet their core needs; cut costs, streamline purchasing processes, and increase revenues.

Adaptable ecommerce technology is becoming increasingly popular because it helps solve these ever evolving needs. And within the world of ecommerce, surprisingly, PunchOut catalogs are still a largely untapped channel for growth among suppliers.

Using PunchOut catalogs, suppliers can help their customers and prospects better meet those core needs, while buyers with e-procurement systems can help themselves do the same.

By using technology that is adaptable, strategic thinking suppliers are adapting the way they present their catalog to their buyers. The result is ever growing and more powerful opportunities with larger clients like government organizations and Fortune 500 companies.

To help suppliers better understand the strategic advantages and best practices of PunchOut catalog technology, we recently released a free 7 part video series to help answer the most critical questions about PunchOut catalogs.

Included in this series is a 3 point strategy to help you experience some serious growth through this underutilized technology.

Be sure to visit to discover the insights of this entire punchout catalog video series.

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