PunchOut Catalogs: “Suiting up” For the Big Game

By CoreXpand PunchOut Team on July 31, 2013

A great uniform, quality shoes, preparation, and conditioning. These are all key ingredients that help boost the success of any athlete getting ready for the “big game”. So why would you ignore the right “equipment” and preparation when it comes to your business?

Consider your role as a supplier. You must provide not just quality products, but also a better shopping experience for your buyers. In order to be well prepared in a business-to-business setup, sellers need to have the necessary “equipment” that will not just bring in buyers, but make them come back for more. And what better way to win your buyers’ heart than by making it as easy and pleasant as possible to find what they’re looking for?

In general, buyers want a more efficient way of  getting what they need from their business-to-business suppliers. this means an easy and hassle-free procurement process. Buyers prefer PunchOut catalogs over CIF (hosted) catalogs, because it makes it easier to find, see, and get the information they need to make their buying decisions.

When the opportunity presents itself to land a contract with a big organization that uses e-procurement,CoreXpand’s PunchOutCX system will help you be ready for “the big game” by giving you these benefits:

1. Speed and Reliability – Rapidly create new catalogs as soon as you load your catalog data into the PunchOutCX platform. You can do this easily through a powerful and intuitive Admin Console. You can also rely on CoreXpand’s experienced PunchOut experts to ensure the success of your PunchOut program.

2. Adaptability – PunchOutCX has a universal platform that easily connects to any customers’ e-procurement system. Our ACE technology platform lets you create a customized buyer experience for all your customers, including those without e-procurement systems.

3. Ease of Use – PunchOutCX is easy-to-use; from the moment you start setting up your catalogs, all the way to managing them. You can set up and manage your catalogs without breaking a sweat. PunchOutCX can help you make changes to your catalogs even after they’re already connected to a customer’s e-procurement system.

4. Efficiency – The purpose of PunchOut catalogs is to provide buyers and sellers faster ways of doing business together. The PunchOutCX system provides sellers a better way to track, report, and analyze sales, customer data, and content of their catalogs. PunchOut catalogs in general also eliminate  cumbersome “line item” catalog management for eprocurement system managers. Also, PunchOutCX lets works with your clients key eprocurement features like backend interfaces such as e-invoicing and accounting systems.

5. Sales Growth –PunchOut catalogs help expand a supplier’s customer network, especially now that more companies require suppliers to have PunchOut capabilities.

6. Security and Compliance – CoreXpand has multiple levels of transactional security. Also propriety functionality ensures contract compliance with reduces internal supplier catalog audits and improves customer satisfaction. Moreover, CoreXpand provides the highest current industry standard Level 2 PunchOut Catalogs. This means you get the latest in technology standards, which allows you to provide improved service to your customers.

In summary, “suiting up” your business with the PunchOutCX system won’t just make your life easier, it will expand your customer base, making your business more profitable.

See how others have used PunchOut in the success of their business.

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