How to let buyers know you’re PunchOut ready

By CorexpandCX on July 25, 2011

Punch-out is mistakenly viewed by some suppliers as a “hassle”. However, suppliers, vendors and distributors who can see the big picture recognize the ability to connect to large customers as a golden opportunity.

If you have punch out capabilities, you can and should be completely proactive about letting your largest customers know you’re PunchOut ready… especially if you offer the unique functions and features of the CoreXpand PunchOut CX system, which gives you an immediate edge over your competitors. [check out our advanced punchout report to see some of these unique functions]

Here’s a short list of prospective buyers that are often requesting or requiring vendors to have PunchOut catalog capabilities:

  • Government purchasing organizations
    • Local/City
    • County/State governments
    • Federal
  • Educational institutions
    • Public schools/K12
    • Colleges – technical/community
    • Universities
  • Large corporations
    • Fortune 500
    • Other large companies – manufacturers, retail chains

It’s important to note that not all purchasing organizations use PunchOuts within their eprocurement system.  That’s largely because some organizations haven’t yet been educated on advancements in technology that make PunchOuts easier to integrate and safer to use than ever (we’re working on that!).

For that reason, it’s important that you research the environment before creating a PunchOut catalog.

You should ask your prospects and customers:

1)     Do you have an eProcurement system that accepts punch outs?  (Like SAP, Ariba, eSchoolMall, Oracle, SciQuest and so on)

2)     Would you be interested in having our company do a PunchOut website into your system?

Now, most buying organizations require that you have a contract with them in order to set up a punch out catalog, but we are seeing that trend change.  And in a growing number of cases, PunchOuts are the ingredient that can actually help you land a contract.

When you are bidding for a contract, make sure to mention that you are PunchOut ready for the specific buying environment of the contract (Ariba, SciQuest, eSchoolMall, etc).  Having the ability to PunchOut to specific protocols can help you win the bid over your competition.

[Note: Because CoreXpand’s unique solution, PunchOutCX, has functions and features no other PunchOut provider can offer, we’ve created ready-made marketing templates for our customers to help you effectively communicate your unique PunchOut capabilities to your prospects.

Just contact one of our PunchOut experts and they’ll get you everything you need.]

Take Advantage of Free Expert Advice

CoreXpand offers complimentary coaching and consulting to assist you in communicating with your existing clients or potential prospects. We’ll not only help you explain the benefits of a PunchOut catalog to your audience, we’ll even provide a live demonstration of the technology to help you close the deal.

We’ll also help you design whatever customer specific solution that your customers may need.

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