SciQuest Punchout Catalogs – How to get a serious sales boost

By CorexpandCX on November 16, 2012

SciQuest is an eprocurement system that many large universities, corporations, and laboratories use to manage their purchasing processes and strategic procurement.

As a supplier, connecting to the SciQuest Supplier Network is critical to making products available to buyers who use the SciQuest eprocurement system.  While there’s no charge to be part of the Supplier Network, you do have to format your catalogs to meet SciQuest’s cXML integration specifications.

To give your products the most exposure, and to provide the greatest possible convenience to buyers, a SciQuest compatible level 2 punchout catalog is just what the doctor ordered.

This gives buyers the ability to search their eprocurement system on both a global and product level and return results that include your specific products from your punchout sites.

It also gives buyers the ability to add a product to their RFI and punchout to your site, giving you the opportunity to promote and upsell other products.  Buyers can also search your individual punchout catalogs.

Suppliers without these specific punchout catalogs limit the visibility of their products to buyers. Simply put, if you want a competitive edge, provide a SciQuest compatible level 2 punchout catalog.

If you want to know more about how punchout catalogs can boost your sales, and unlock the most effective punchout catalog strategies for a powerful competitive advantage, read our free report.

You can also watch this brief demo by SciQuest about Level-II Punch-out functionality.  Sciquest also has an article about Level II punchout that you may find interesting.

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