HTTP versus HTTPS: What is it and what does it mean to your business?

By Kara Johnson-Ferry on August 19, 2011

I get this question all the time from clients in the process of building their client’s website, and I can go into great details and provide you with all the technical terms and most likely will confuse you even more. So let’s just break this out in a language we can all understand.

What is HTTPS?

HTTP stands for “HyperText Transport Protocol”.  It’s a way for information to be passed back and forth between a web server and your browser. The “S” in HTTPS means the information being passed is ‘SECURE’.

The next time you visit a web site look in the website address bar (aka URL) and if you see “http:// “ then the information being passed between the site and your browser is using an unsecure language.

In other words, it’s not secure, and it’s possible for someone to eavesdrop and gain access to this information you are providing. But if you see “https://” this means the information is being passed securely and no one can eavesdrop on it.

Why should you use a secure website (HTTPS)?

If you have a customer that requires their users to log-in with an Employee ID, have forms which ask for financial or other sensitive information, or require a user to enter their credit card information, you want to make sure your site is set to run in HTTPS.

How does this affect your business?  Increasing pressure on buyers and purchasing managers to reduce risk means that your customers either already are, or will be soon, looking for ways to buy with greater peace of mind. Providing this level of security could mean the difference between keeping a key client or losing them to a competitor.

How to setup HTTPS in your CoreXpand stores

All CoreXpand sites run “HTTPS” in the shopping cart, but if you want to run your customers entire website in “HTTPS” it’s a very simple process. This will provide secure encryption on pages like the login pages, product pages, etc.

1)      Login to your Store Administration Console

2)      Select Store Settings CoreXpand Store Settings

3)      Select Store Mode & Security

CoreXpand Store Mode Security

4)      Select Advanced and set the “Sign in to store” to “Securely (HTTPS)

CoreXpand Advanced Tab


5) Select ‘Save Advanced Security Settings’ and then Publish your store. You are now running your entire customer site in “HTTPS”.

As always, our e-commerce professionals are here to help. If you need any assistance, contact us.





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