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PunchOut Catalogs: A Great Case Study

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by CoreXpand PunchOut Team on September 10, 2013

While PunchOut Catalogs are becoming more common, they are still a relatively new idea for many sellers. While it’s human nature to eye a new trend with suspicion, sellers should consider them carefully before dismissing them. Actually, let’s refine that a bit; sellers who want to do business with larger customers – such as Fortune […]


SciQuest Punchout Catalogs – How to get a serious sales boost

by Lake Furney, VP of Marketing and Communications on November 16, 2012

SciQuest is an eprocurement system that many large universities, corporations, and laboratories use to manage their purchasing processes and strategic procurement. As a supplier, connecting to the SciQuest Supplier Network is critical to making products available to buyers who use the SciQuest eprocurement system.  While there’s no charge to be part of the Supplier Network, […]


Great News for Purchasing and e-Procurement System Managers

by Lake Furney, VP of Marketing and Communications on October 3, 2011

If you manage an e-procurement system like Ariba, PeopleSoft, SciQuest, Oracle, etc., then your life just got a whole lot easier. CoreXpand has released functionality that takes care of two major problems faced by e-procurement and purchasing managers everyday. You can read all about it in this recent press release. But if you don’t work […]