The real edge that Punchout gives to suppliers

By CoreXpand PunchOut Team on August 9, 2013


To say that competition among B2B suppliers is steep is like calling the Grand Canyon a hole in the ground.

It should come as no surprise that many business owners and sales people toss and turn at night; wondering how to get that competitive edge.

Here’s a quick and easy way to give yourself an edge over you competitors: make it easy to do business with you.

Sound too simple? Exactly.

The bottom line is this: the role of B2B E-commerce is growing dramatically. And the number one reason? Simplicity.

Of course, simplicity for your customers (buyers) takes many forms; streamlined approval routing, ease of finding what you want and need from suppliers, flexible payment options, etc., etc. But in the end, more and more companies are looking to simplify they way they do business with buyers and sellers.

A big part of the move towards simplicity for purchasing departments is e-procurement systems. But even with that significant investment, not everything is simple with “hosted” (line item) catalogs.

That’s where PunchOut catalogs come  in. PunchOut catalogs give buyers the user friendly, simple shopping and ordering experience they prefer. And yet, many suppliers still don’t “get it”. There’s your competitive edge just waiting for you.

To see the difference between hosted and PunchOut catalogs, just ask our PunchOut experts to show you some real world examples. You’ll see why buyers prefer the simplicity of PunchOut catalogs hands down, and why suppliers who use them have the edge.


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