Think Strategically in 2013

By CorexpandCX on December 28, 2012

If you’re reading this, it means the Mayan calendar didn’t roll over us all on December 21st. It also means that you’re probably thinking about how you’re going to make your business more successful in 2013 than it was in 2012.

For us, we needed to take a look at what we’re good at – and make it better.

Sure, we’ve made all kinds of system improvements (which we’re always doing), and you’ll be hearing more about those in the coming weeks. But another way we’ve worked to make our customers’ results better is by helping them think more strategically about e-commerce. What does that mean?

For starters, strategic e-commerce means much more than just having a website where customers can order products. It means using e-commerce technology to position yourself so uniquely among your competitors that you become the clear choice for companies looking to improve the way they do business.

It means creating a buyer – seller relationship that makes you a strategic partner in your customers’ goals and vision.

It means creating a model within your target market that can be scaled and replicated rapidly and allows you to be so nimble in your ability to serve your customers that it leaves your competitors standing with their mouths hanging open wondering what just happened.

We understand, not everyone has aggressive expansion on their minds. But even within a small market and a tidy collection of key accounts, you can cement your relationships and keep competitors at bay using the same strategic thinking that helps suppliers explode with growth if they choose to.

Want to find out what strategic thinking can mean to your bottom line? Have a conversation with one of our e-commerce / e-business experts. There’s no better time than the present to make your 2013 a strategic success.

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