Using UNSPSC codes properly in your eVA Punchout

By CorexpandCX on July 29, 2011

If you’re planning to PunchOut to the Commonwealth of Virginia eVA system, you will need to make sure that the products you plan to sell online are coded with UNSPSC codes. UNSPSC stands for the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code®. You can read more about UNSPSC codes and how they are used at the official site.

By the Commonwealth of Virginia eVA guidelines, all products that are sold through eVA must contain a UNSPSC code.  On the CoreXpand system, you can enter this code in the External ProductID 2 field that is indicated in our upload template.

But don’t run off to the UNSPSC site to get those codes just yet! 

You will need to use eVA’s “approved list” of UNSPSC codes which can only be found here:

Let’s say you have an office stapler that you want to sell on your eVA punchout catalog.

Step 1) Go to to look up the approved list of eVA UNSPSC codes

Step 2) In the “Search Description” box, type the word “stapler” (without the quotes) then hit the “Search” button.

eVA UNSPSC code search example

Screenshot taken 7/20/2011 for Example purposes only - Please reference the eVA site for any changes to UNSPSC codes. Click on image to be taken to the list.


Step 3) Think about the products you are selling and choose the code that best describes the product you are selling. As you can see in the screenshot above, eVA returns a list of several codes, but you only need ONE code for your upload file.

If you’re only selling a simple office stapler, you would need to choose code 44121615 and add that to the upload file.  If the stapler you’re selling comes with a set of staples too, then perhaps the other code, 44121630 would work better.

You can also use the same codes across various types of products, from various manufacturers. For example, let’s say you have 10 different types of simple office staplers, each with a new “stapler feature” that everyone wants. (I don’t believe stapler technology has advanced this far yet, but one can dream)

You don’t have to search the UNSPSC codes for 10 different codes. You can simply copy 44121615 for all 10 of your staplers and move on to your next product.

No matter how obscure the product you’re selling is, chances are, there is a UNSPSC code for it.

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