Access Codes – Better spend management via user access codes

By John Winchester on November 29, 2011

Access Codes are your Friend!

Some of our clients are already utilizing the use of access codes on their sites. Since I just finished a big project using them, I thought I would share some of their uses and how to set it up.

One of the uses of standard access codes can be to show or hide products from certain groups of registered users in the site. So if you need to show a group of products to managers but not employees, you can accomplish this by the use of access codes in the system.

How to Set It Up
First, you would need to add those products to the site like you normally would. To customize who sees those products, take the following steps:

1. Log into the Store Console and go to Products & Inventory

2. Click on the Show/Hide Products from the menu.

3. You must assign a code to all the products.

In the example below, I will use “M” for Manage and “E” for Employees.

If you want the managers to see all the products in the site and the employees to only see some of them, then add a “M” to all the products and a “E” to only the ones the employees will have access to . Use a comma to separate the access codes.

4. Now you will need to assign a code to each of the users. This can be done manually, or we have an advanced user upload that you can use to apply the codes to the registered users.

Go to Users and Marketing >> Manage users and assign the codes to the users in the Group Code field.

5. Once the store is saved and published your product access codes are ready to use!

When a manager logs into the site, they will see all the products. When an employee logs into the site, they will only see the products that you coded them to see.

If this site is set to allow users to register themselves on the site, you can set new user defaults also. Keeping with our example, let’s say you have a new employee who registers on the site. You want the store to automatically set them to the correct group.

How to set up automatic user access codes when users register
1. Go to Store Settings in the console and click on the New User Defaults

2. You can now automatically assign a group to a new user that registers on the site.
In the example below, we set the new user group to default to “E” when they register on the site.

In the example I’ve used, we are now all set for managers and employees. The managers will see all the products, and the Employees will only see what they need to order. If I have a new user register on the site, they will automatically be assigned to the employees group.

How to Change Your Access Codes
If you need to change the access codes for users, Go to Users and Marketing >> Manage Users and change the code to the respective code for that specific user.

There are some other uses for Group Codes, and I will go into them in my next blog.

As always if you have any questions, the CoreXpand support team can help. We have training guides & sessions, and we can help answer your questions. We can also help you create your own custom codes.

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