What is an Ariba PunchOut Catalog?

By CorexpandCX on July 20, 2011


Do you have a customer that uses the Ariba e-Procurement system?  Would you like to do business with government buyers or other large companies who use Ariba for purchasing management?

If the answer to either of those questions is yes, then it’s critical that you understand…

What is an Ariba PunchOut catalog,

Why an Ariba PunchOut is more beneficial than a CIF catalog, and

How to let buyers know you’re punch-out ready.

What is an Ariba PunchOut Catalog?

A PunchOut catalog is a special version of a supplier’s online catalog that is connected through specific technical protocols (PunchOut) to the eprocurement system of a purchasing organization.

The PunchOut catalog is maintained by the supplier and is usually unique to each customer, because each customer has different needs within their buying environment.

Here’s a quick visual so you can see what happens when an order is made through a PunchOut website:

PunchOut Catalog purchase cycle

Example of a PunchOut Catalog purchase cycle

An Ariba PunchOut catalog is a PunchOut catalog specifically designed to connect to the Ariba eprocurement system.

Ariba PunchOut catalogs benefit suppliers who:

  • Have a large number of product line items
  • Do business with customers who require customized order processes
  • Update product data frequently (i.e prices, product descriptions, product availability)
  • Would like to improve communication with buyers about everything from promotions, related products, upsell accessories
  • Work with customers who want contract compliance for pricing and inventory

There are two types of Ariba PunchOut catalogs:

Level I PunchOut catalog

The Level 1 PunchOut catalogs are the standard PunchOut website protocol. When a buyer selects on a PunchOut catalog link within Ariba, they are “punched out” to the supplier’s customer specific PunchOut website.   It links to the main “storefront” home page.

Level 2 PunchOut catalog

An Ariba Level 2 PunchOut catalog is a combination of a supplier’s PunchOut website and an expanded CIF catalog. It enables suppliers to make their PunchOut website searchable within the buyer’s product search as a line item as well as a direct link to a PunchOut catalog page.

When a purchasing agent searches in their Ariba eprocurement buying environment, the product will appear in the search results and a link will be displayed next to the product which will take the user to that PunchOut catalog (usually to that specific product page on the supplier’s PunchOut website).

For example, if the buyer searches their eprocurement system for a digital camera model A123, then the search result returns a link straight to the page of the supplier’s PunchOut catalog that is designated for the digital camera A123.

If you’d like to see more about how PunchOuts can benefit your business, check out this short video.  You’ll understand why the most successful suppliers use PunchOut regularly.

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