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Experience why is CoreXpand different than other e-commerce solution providers?

One way or another, every business buys and sells...
And now – finally – there’s ONE cutting edge solution for BOTH.

Thanks to a breakthrough in online adaptability, CoreXpand provides an unprecedented level of ease and profitability for every buying and selling activity that drives your business.

When it comes to buying, CoreXpand gives you a simple yet powerful tool to manage all your suppliers, their catalogs, and your pricing with one convenient interface.

If you’re selling, CoreXpand allows you, quickly and easily, to provide your key customers and clients with a private, customized marketplace branded specifically for them… making it easier for them to do business with you.

Thousands of businesses… millions of users… have bought and sold billions in goods and services using CoreXpand’s proven solutions.

That’s why CoreXpand is quickly becoming the new standard for doing business across many industries.

Here’s just a partial list of companies that are using / have used CoreXpand e-Commerce solutions:
AAA Dannon Pulte Homes
American Express Diebold Ryan’s Steakhouse
AT&T Exxon Schlumberger
Avis FedEx Shell Oil
BASF First Franklin Siemens
BP Healthnet Sprint
Chevron Hertz Texas Public Schools
Cisco Jeld-Wen Toshiba
CITGO McGraw Hill US Bank
Coca-Cola Motorola

So whether you’re buying or selling; if you want greater convenience, efficiency and profitability from your business, then contact us today and experience the CoreXpand difference.

CoreXpand offers supply chain consulting and internet marketing strategies, plus the tools to help you set up a purchasing system, create an online store, punchout to eprocurement systems such as Ariba and SciQuest, manage supplier catalogs, much more.

Contact us to experience the CoreXpand difference!