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FAQ - How Can CoreXpand Help Me?
How can CoreXpand help me differentiate myself and build a base of loyal customers?
What do you do best? Whatever it is, one thing your customers will be saying about you, once we're done, is, "They make things so easy for me! I love doing business with them!" Wouldn't you love to hear that? Well, you will!

One thing that differentiates businesses today is how they take care of their customers. And the best way to do that is to make sure buying from you is as easy as possible. Life is difficult enough without adding to it. Why not give your customers a buying experience they'll never forget and a customer loyalty program they'll appreciate? They'll keep coming back if you do.
How can CoreXpand help me improve communications?
Everything in business comes down to communications, which is why we emphasize it so strongly. Not only will we help you communicate more effectively with your customers, we'll help you interconnect all the people, systems and data in your supply chain. Information will flow like greased lightning. We'll give you tools to update information automatically, so everything is current. Automatically generated emails will notify the people in your system when changes occur. You'll be able to run campaigns and special offers like a pro. And because your catalogs will be individualized, your customers will think you're doing all this just for them, personally! Which you are!

We streamline our clients' b2b marketing communications.
How can CoreXpand help me increase sales?
Everthing we do is geared toward the bottom line. So, if you're not making money, we're not doing our job. The tools we put into your hands are designed to multiply your efforts exponentially.

How much better does a well-tuned engine run than one that's not seen an oil can for years? Your business will run the best it ever has because you will be using its true potential. If there's any profitability built into your business at all, we'll find it and help you capitalize on it.
Helping you make money is what we're all about.
How can CoreXpand help me reduce costs?
We feel the same way about costs that we do about sales. If you're not reducing costs, we're not doing our job. Waste is one thing we will not tolerate, and neither should you. We'll cut out the fat so you can see how your systems were meant to run. We'll find the "hidden money" and put it back in your pocket. A 15% reduction in cost is not an unreasonable expectation. Sometimes it's more, sometimes less. But any reduction in this economy is good news!
We'll help you become a lean, mean, money-making machine.
Does CoreXpand allow punch-out orders?
Absolutely. All you have to do is supply us with your requirements or routine, and we'll have you up and running in less than five days. Check out our Punchout Connection product.
What results can I expect?
What do you want? Pretty much everything about your business will improve: sales will increase, costs will go down, customers will be happier, things will run smoother. When you take our free webinar, you can bring any problem to the table and we'll show you how we'll solve it. You don't pay anything until you're convinced that we can do the job you need done.
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