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All of us here at CoreXpand are dedicated to providing you with advanced e-business strategies that help you get the most out of our cutting edge e-commerce technology.

Feel free to dive in and explore this archive. You never know what big idea might give you that "a-ha" moment... that gold nugget that turns simple ideas into a rush of new clients and sales.

Of course, when it comes to turning ideas into a clear plan of action that leads to real results, nothing beats a conversation with experts that have real world experience.

So be sure to contact our e-Commerce / e-Business strategists. They'll sit down and discuss any ideas you find here, or just analyze your situation from the ground up.

You can reserve time with them by clicking the button on the right or by calling us at 1-800-226-0834.

You'll be glad you did.

February 2012 - How to ensure the most successful B2B ecommerce relationships

In today’s ever changing online world, buyers are looking for more. More convenience, more flexibility, more adaptability, more personalization… the list of demands on modern online suppliers grows all the time. If you want to ensure that you maintain your edge over your competition, and maintain the most successful business to business e-commerce relationships, here’s what you must keep in mind.

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January 2012 - How to Start Strategically Simple in 2012

The New Year is full of hopes and, for many, fresh resolve to reach our personal and professional goals. This newsletter shares one simple idea that could literally mean the difference between a 2012 of just getting by, and one that is absolutely thriving.

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December 2011 - How to make 2012 the Best Year Ever!

As part of our ongoing efforts to bring you valuable – and practical – insights for helping you truly thrive, we’re bringing in a special guest for our next webinar and in this edtion we provide tips for better spend management via user access codes .

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November 2011 - How a rare flower can help your business

In this month's issue of The CoreXpand Xtra, you'll discover:

  • How a rare flower can help your business
  • Use the Ariba Supplier Network for a competitive edge
  • Are you making the most of your sites?

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