CoreXpand B2B e-Commerce Article:

CoreXpand's e-commerce solutions give your customers what they really want… and help you go from surviving – to thriving

Maximum sales come from connecting to new and existing customers.

Here's how you can wield the true power of e-commerce and start enjoying more customers, bigger clients, more orders and a lifetime of loyal, repeat sales

There's no doubt about it…

It's a different market, a different economy, a different world.

And the businesses who adapt to those differences are the ones who thrive – in any economy – instead of simply "getting by" and struggling to survive.

So what are those differences, and how do you put them to work for you?

First, you have to understand that e-commerce isn't just a luxury anymore, it's a necessity.

And if you want to have an edge over competitors that already use e-commerce, then you have to tap into…

The true power of e-commerce
Unfortunately, too many business think that e-commerce means simply putting up a website with a shopping cart.

But the reality is – especially today – that you have to offer much more than that if you want to compete.

In the complex world we live in, your customers have a wide variety of ways they do business. Whether it's different methods, processes, or technologies (such as e-procurement systems), it's a nightmare for most sales organizations to sort it all out. That's why most vendors / suppliers never tap in to the real power of e-commerce.

But ask yourself this: Which do you think the customer will want to buy from; the vendor / supplier who forces the customer to conform to their way of doing business, or the vendor / supplier that adapts to the customer's needs?

The answer is obvious. And it's also what CoreXpand has mastered…

e-Commerce that truly differentiates you from your competitors

CoreXpand's B2B e-commerce solutions empower you to adapt to your customer's needs. And that enables you to connect more deeply with your customer's business. In fact, when you tailor the way you provide your products and services into the workflows and requirements of your customer, you become a part of their business.

Truly adaptable e-commerce allows you to provide your products and services in whatever way the customer wants/needs to buy them.

And that sets the stage for lifelong retention and customer satisfaction, while keeping your competitors from even getting their foot in the door.

Beyond the unparalleled adaptability of our e-commerce solutions, the most astonishing thing you're likely to discover is just how fast, easy, and affordable they are.

You'll be surprised at how quickly and easily you can have a customized e-commerce connection that can help you retain your key accounts, or land that big client you've been after.

Simply contact us to talk about your business or customer needs. Or better yet, request a free demo, and we'll show you the true power of e-commerce in action.

There's no obligation, no pressure, no hassle… just answers and solutions for helping your business thrive – in any economy.

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