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In today's complex world, you face greater challenges then ever before.

Whether you sell direct or through a reseller channel, managing your relationships with your sales channels can be chaotic, unpredictable, and uncertain.

Resellers, master distributors, dealers, partners, wholesalers, VARs… they all have different needs, even different technologies for doing business.

So how can you adapt to those needs and prevent the loss of market share?
The resource most underutilized by manufacturers today
All businesses thrive on sales. From resellers all the way down the chain to the consumer, sales rule.

So the manufacturer that can streamline the sales process for their channels and help their resellers do the same for their customers, have a distinct competitive edge.

And the most underutilized resource that can accomplish that is e-commerce.

Unfortunately, too many businesses think e-commerce means simply putting up a website with a shopping cart. The problem is, your customers have different ways of doing business, just like their customers do.

Fortunately, CoreXpand has mastered e-commerce by creating proven solutions that can help you adapt to the needs of your sales channels.

Imagine; ONE software solution that allows you to:
  • Create and manage customized e-commerce sites for each of your sales channels, including their particular products and price points, with point and click ease…

  • Effortlessly connect your channels' procurement technologies with your own distribution technology…

  • Create secure, private e-commerce environments that you can scale uniquely to fit the needs of each reseller…

  • Provide powerful e-commerce environment that resellers can re-brand to serve the unique needs of their own customers, allowing you to be transparent...

  • Help your channels differentiate themselves in the marketplace and rise above their competition...

  • And much, much, more…
Unparalleled scalability allows you to dominate your market
Picture this… every reseller, distributor, and partner – every channel – armed with the ability to provide exactly what each of their customers need. By empowering your sales channels to sell to their customers according to their purchasing needs, you allow your channels to deepen the connection with their customer's business.

In fact, by doing business in such a unique way, your channels become an integral part of their customer's business and serve them in a way your competitors simply can't.

And with the technology solution we've developed, you can quickly and easily create unique e-commerce connections for each and every channel as well as each of their customers. Imagine… thousands of personalized commerce connections amplifying the sales of every channel.
Simple, affordable, fast, and easy to implement solutions at your finger tips
Beyond the unparalleled adaptability and scalability of our e-commerce solutions, the most astonishing thing you're likely to discover is just how fast, easy, and affordable they are.

You'll be surprised at how quickly and easily you can have customized e-commerce connections with all your channels.

Connections that will empower them to get what they need from you in the way they need to, while also helping them retain their key accounts and land the big clients they've been after.

Of course, to understand e-commerce this powerful you simply must see it.

So be sure to contact us to talk about your business or sales channel needs. Or better yet, request a free demo, and we'll show you the true power of e-commerce in action.

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