We founded Corexpand on one simple idea

Make it simple and easy for buyers and sellers to connect and do business together. 

Over the past 20 years, our solutions have proven themselves to be potent tools that amplify sales, maximize spend management, and empower massive business growth. Corexpand is a leader in helping buyers and sellers of all industries and sizes to simplify the way they do business online.

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We have many success stories of how our solutions have proven themselves in the real world.  Corexpand customers large and small have gone from surviving to thriving thanks to their ability to connect to more customers and suppliers via Corexpand solutions.

We have simple, affordable, and adaptable solutions to meet any e-commerce need, regardless of which side of the supply chain (buyer or seller) you happen to operate in.

For buyers, we can help you simplify your purchasing, make your spend management more effective, and connect to more suppliers (whether you use an e-procurement system or not), so you can enjoy greater choices and streamlined ordering that cuts costs and eliminates chaos.

For sellers, we can help you amplify your sales, retain your key accounts, and connect to large government and private sector purchasing groups; so you can celebrate increased revenue from more sales more often. 

For manufacturers, we can help you empower and scale your sales channels, streamline your procurement, and integrate your entire supply chain; so you can realize bigger bottom line profits from lower operating costs and increased distribution and sales channels. 

We take great pride in telling you that we have one of the finest support teams on the planet. Dedicated, hard-working, do-what-it-takes professionals who are so focused on your success, you’d swear they’re on your payroll. 

We invite you to spend some time on our website, and if you have any questions or needs you’ve already identified, you can contact us or request a free consultation. There’s no obligation, no pressure, no hassles. Just answers and solutions.


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