Improve your swag buying process and save more than 30%

AgoraQuote for event marketers is an online decision-making tool for ordering branded merchandise. It simplifies the buying process, provides oversight, and ensures buyers order only from approved vendors, all while saving them money. Even better, it more than pays for itself!

Seamless Savings from Start to Finish

With all your vendors in a single place, sending quote requests to multiple vendors has never been easier. Compare quotes side-by-side, select the best quote, secure approvals, and place your order, all without leaving your system.

Check out the numbers for yourself!

These are examples highlighting the differences between the highest and lowest bids actual campus buyers received for their projects using AgoraQuote for event marketers.

It's easy to use.

  1. Fill out a simple form with the details for what you’d like to order.
  2. Your approved vendors respond with quotes.
  3. You select the quote that best fits your needs.
  4. If you need a supervisor’s approval, they get notified and approve the order in AgoraQuote.
  5. The selected vendor is notified and your order gets placed.

Work with Your Preferred Vendors

AgoraQuote makes it easy for your buyers to purchase from preferred and approved vendors, minimizing rogue purchases.

Be a Hero to Your Purchasing Department

You’ll have all the tools at your fingertips to comply with corporate procurement processes:

  • Obtain multiple competitive quotes
  • Reconcile orders to POs or credit card statements
  • Report on purchases by event

Create a Level Playing Field for All Vendors

Local and minority-owned businesses have equal access to all categories they are licensed for.

Ready to See AgoraQuote in Action?

We'll show you how it works and answer your questions.