Save Time and Money Buying Giveaway Items for Events

Did you know that the process for buying promotional items hasn’t changed in more than a decade? 

Quote requests and vendor communications happen mostly via email.  And if a member leaves the team, that valuable vendor and ordering information vanishes too.

With AgoraQuote, you can empower your marketing team with a simple solution that saves time, saves money, and future-proofs promotional item purchasing.

How AgoraQuote Works

AqoraQuote How It Works

Request vendor quotes

Fill out a quote request form that is customizable for your business needs, so vendor quotes are perfectly tailored for your requirements.

Vendors respond with their quotes

The AgoraQuote dashboard displays all of the quotes responses in one place, so you can compare all the information you need to make an informed decision, such as unit cost, shipping costs, and delivery timelines.

You choose the best quote

You determine the best quote based on what’s important for any given order, such as unit cost, total cost, turnaround time, in-hand date, or shipping costs.

Getting quotes approved

AgoraQuote automatically routes quotes based on your defined approval process.  It will even follow up if approval isn’t timely.

Process your order

Once approved, the selected quote is sent to the chosen vendor to begin processing your order.

Seamless Savings from Start to Finish

With all your vendors in a single place, sending quote requests to multiple vendors has never been easier. Compare quotes side-by-side, select the best quote, secure approvals, and place your order, all without leaving your system.

Check out the numbers for yourself!

These are examples highlighting the differences between the highest and lowest bids actual buyers received for their projects using AgoraQuote for event marketers.

AgoraQuote pays for itself.
Save time and money while keeping your team organized.

Save Time on Promotional Item Buying and Managing Vendors

Marketers are always up against deadlines. With AgoraQuote you'll stop wasting time digging through emails to find quotes or emailing back and forth with vendors. Everything you need to send quote requests, compare quote responses, get approvals, and place orders is all on one place.

Save Money on Giveaways

Our customers save an average of 30% by using AgoraQuote to get competitive quotes from their vendors in the time it takes to send a single email to one vendor. You'll stop leaving money on the table.

Future Proof Your Promotional Item Buying Process

Valuable vendor and ordering information is no longer buried in an email inbox, making it difficult for other marketing team members to find the information needed to place new orders. AgoraQuote makes it easy with a searchable archive of orders and vendors.

Get All Your Promotional Item Buying Organized

AgoraQuote makes it easy to look back to find information about past quotes, vendors, and orders. Trying to remember what you ordered for an event a year ago? No problem. All of the information is in one place, so you can easily find what you need.

Keep Accounting Happy

AgoraQuote will automatically route quotes for approval to keep you in compliance with your procurement workflow. And when it comes time to reconcile purchase orders or p-card statements, it's easy to get to the information you need.

Support Small Business and Diversity Spending Goals

Identify small, local, and diversity vendors during the quoting process, and easily create reports on your purchases.

Keep Track of Your Swag Budget

Run reports by event, by month/quarter/year, by category, or by vendor so it's easy to compare your actual promotional item spend to your budget. Access to past order data makes planning easier, too!

Make Smarter Decisions Faster

Sometimes quick turn-around is the most important thing. Sometimes it's unit price. Sometimes, you need to order the exact brand and item you want. See all of your promotional item quotes in the AgoraQuote dashboard so you can quickly compare and make the best decision for your needs.

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