Over the past few years, there have been big changes in the collegiate licensing world, and Priya Exantus, the licensing coordinator at Towson University, has been a part of driving many of those changes in her role. In this case study, Priya shares what was behind her successful launch of the university internal royalty program at TU.

“When I came on board in 2018, we were just starting to roll out AgoraQuote (it as called AgoraCX in 2018) to serve as an online marketplace where TU faculty, staff, and student groups can purchase branded promotional items,” said Priya. 

Being the first at TU to be solely responsible for implementing an internal royalty program, she knew she had an opportunity to make a positive difference at the school. With her background in field marketing and sales, as well as an MBA, Priya started by asking herself: “How am I going to execute this internal royalty program so that it is meaningful, impactful, and trackable?” 

Looking back, Priya reflected, “A lot of people have reached out to me asking how I was so successful at implementing the internal royalty program, and I honestly credit it to AgoraQuote because it gave me control and tracking on everything.” 

“The key to creating a successful internal royalty program is to run everything through AgoraQuote,” said Priya. “That gives me the control and tracking I need while allowing the buyers and vendors to take advantage of the tool. Since AgoraQuote’s royalty logic handles all of the royalty calculations within the tool, my buyers and vendors don’t even need to think about it.” 

Priya continued, “For buyers, it means they can save money on their projects. For vendors, it means they get access to projects they otherwise wouldn’t know about. For the school, we get easy reconciliation of internal royalties so that CLC (Collegiate Licensing Company) collects everything.” 

Getting Buyers On Board 

Some buyers at TU were resistant to using AgoraQuote. “I’d hear things like ‘Why do I need to use this? I’ve been buying this product from this vendor for years,’” said Priya. 

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