Capitalizing on Punchout Catalogs Part 3: More Customer Shopping and Recurring Orders

By Chris Shults, Punchout Catalog and B2B e-Commerce Specialist on February 26, 2015

Punchout catalog flow

Your largest customers may actually order from you several times a week – or even several times a day.

By connecting to your customer’s eProcurement system through a punchout catalog, the whole shopping and ordering experience is greatly enhanced for your customer… and for you.  Your customers may be using your eCommerce site or even just calling or emailing you to shop your catalog and communicate orders to you.  Typically, this involves human, manual processes that are eliminated through the automation of punchout catalogs.  Even if they are using your current eCommerce site, there tends to be more human interaction because questions arise about the correct pricing for a specific customer and also finding the right products… both of which are resolved through punchout catalogs.

When you provide a punchout catalog to your customer, the net result is a win-win for both you, the supplier/vendor, and your customer. Why? Simple: TIME.

The less time you have to spend sorting out items and prices for your customer from your regular website, the more convenient it is for your customer. That also means more time for you to spend getting new business and pursue more new contracts (both of which respond well to your being punchout catalog capable, by the way).

Consider this:  what if your top 5 largest customer’s catalog shopping and orders were completely automated tomorrow?  Could you use that time savings to build your business even stronger? The most successful suppliers we work with prove that is the case. Help yourself, and your customer, by getting punchout catalog capable.

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