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Capitalizing on Punchout Catalogs Part 2: Customer Retention

By Chris Shults, Punchout Catalog and B2B e-Commerce Specialist on February 19, 2015

Punchout catalog flow

There is a huge, oft-forgotten benefit to becoming a supplier who can provide a punchout catalog in this world; something that on the short term surface is intangible, but in the long term

Capitalizing on Punchout Catalogs Part 1: eInvoicing

By Chris Shults, Punchout Catalog and B2B e-Commerce Specialist on February 12, 2015

Punchout catalog flow

Nowadays more and more vendors who sell tangible items are introduced to (or forced into) setting up a punchout catalog site for their largest customers.  At first, many vendors view punchout as… well,

The Heart of Repeat Business – Part 3 of 3

By CorexpandCX on September 27, 2013

Landing enough customers to always be profitable, and keeping them for life… That’s the dream of every committed business person.  And a BIG part of making that happen is how you make your

The Secret Ingredient of a Successful B2B Seller Recipe

By CoreXpand's B2B E-Commerce Team on September 23, 2013

Just like a master chef, many successful B2B sellers have their “secret ingredient” that they use in their recipe for success. But, as more adaptable B2B practices become the most popular items on

PunchOut Catalogs: A Great Case Study

By CoreXpand PunchOut Team on September 10, 2013

While PunchOut Catalogs are becoming more common, they are still a relatively new idea for many sellers. While it’s human nature to eye a new trend with suspicion, sellers should consider them carefully

PunchOut Catalog Technology Providers: Don’t Let ‘Em Fool Ya

By CoreXpand PunchOut Team on August 30, 2013

There is a growing demand for PunchOut catalogs by the purchasing departments of large companies and government organizations. And small software technology companies are smelling blood in the water. A recent glut of

The Difference Between Winning or Losing the B2B Game

By CoreXpand PunchOut Team on August 29, 2013

It’s the big game… the championship moment you’ve been waiting for. You look up at the clock; 5… 4… 3… One missed basket, dropped pass, missed pitch, or wide shot later, and you

B2B Marketing: You Talkin’ to Me?

By CorexpandCX on August 28, 2013

It’s harsh. But the reality is, when prospects read most marketing materials, their response often resembles DeNiro’s famous line. You can imagine it, can’t you… a great prospect sitting there… reading your ad,

What B2B eCommerce is NOT

By CoreXpand's B2B E-Commerce Team on August 27, 2013

With all the talk about B2B e-commerce these days, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re trying to understand not only what it is, but how it fits into your business. Some “experts”

How B2B eCommerce Can Increase Sales Profits

By CoreXpand's B2B E-Commerce Team on August 12, 2013

Cutting costs has always been a crucial element for any business looking to increase its bottom line. And these days, it’s not just buyers and purchasing managers who must be vigilant; every department,

Lesser Known Advantages of B2B E-commerce

By CoreXpand's B2B E-Commerce Team on August 8, 2013

The numerous advantages of modern B2B E-commerce – ability to adapt quickly to customer needs, streamlined ordering, scalability, etc., etc. are plain to see. But there are other, less obvious advantages that can

What the %$@#! is B2B E-Commerce?

By CorexpandCX on July 25, 2013

There’s so much talk about B2B ecommerce these days, one could get annoyed. Especially if, like most business owners and managers, you don’t really know what the heck it means. So just what

The Power of Convenience: Buyers’ Hunt For Better Online Experiences Favor the Prepared

By CorexpandCX on June 27, 2013

Researching product, prices, and suppliers are just some of the things buyers must do before making purchases online. Because buyers need to make purchases with the least time and effort, it’s no surprise

Introducing the Punchout Catalog Video Series

By CorexpandCX on January 31, 2013

Companies and organizations are continuously looking for ways to meet their core needs; cut costs, streamline purchasing processes, and increase revenues. Adaptable ecommerce technology is becoming increasingly popular because it helps solve these

Do you really know your customers?

By CorexpandCX on January 7, 2013

As you look to improve your business in 2013, it’s important to take a look at “business as usual”. When it comes to growing your business or making it more profitable, the first