The importance of adaptable PunchOut Catalogs

By Jason Masters on June 30, 2014


I spoke with a prospect recently who was concerned and a bit frustrated about the fact that they had been working with Ariba (e-procurement system) for quite a while, but were now also being asked by some of their other large non-Ariba using customers to provide punchout catalogs.

That last word is the important one: catalogs, plural. It’s not uncommon for a supplier to have multiple customers, each requiring  a unique catalog based on contract items and/or pricing.

This gentleman was a little stressed by the idea of having to provide a different catalog for all the current or potential customers that may request them (they already provide a CIF file).

I asked him to consider that fact that Ariba is only one of many e-procurement platforms out there. Then I asked him,

“What would happen when you come across a client using Oracle, SciQuest, Coupa, SAP, etc. etc.?  How will you service those customers? Go through a whole new set up process and start from square one?”

As you can imagine, that’s neither efficient nor manageable.

I then showed him how CoreXpand solves that problem by being a Universal Punchout Provider.  With our PunchOutCX product, you can create a Master Catalog that can be easily replicated over and over again to connect to any e-procurement system in the world.  But our adaptable technology also let’s you create totally unique catalogs using the data you’ve already loaded into our system… it’s your choice.


All of that means you have total flexibility and control.

Want custom product mixes? You got it.

Want custom pricing?  You got it.

Need to connect to multiple platforms? We do it everyday.

Want to be punchout ready so you can respond quickly to new RFPs? Check.

Want punchout setups in days or weeks(depending on complexity) rather than months? That’s one of our strengths.

The bottom line is; you want to be able to adapt and respond quickly to any customer request or prospect/contract opportunity. That means you need a PunchOut platform that is nimble and flexible enough to allow you to easily create catalogs on the fly.

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