PunchOut Catalogs: A Supplier’s Video Guide

By CoreXpand PunchOut Team on September 12, 2013

PunchOut Catalogs are no longer just a “nice tool to have”.

The days is fast approaching when being PunchOut ready, or PunchOut enabled, will be as common to a supplier’s business as the computer (and just as necessary for a supplier’s success).

To help you be completely prepared for that inevitability, The CoreXpand PunchOut Team has prepared a series of videos. You can see them all here.

We’ve divided these critical concepts into several parts to help you avoid feeling overwhelmed.

The easiest solution of course is to have a no-pressure conversation with one of our PunchOut specialists. They can answer all your questions and show you real world examples of PunchOut catalogs in action.

To get started, just talk with one of our PunchOut experts for a FREE PunchOut Strategy consultation. You’ll not only learn everything you need to know about PunchOut Catalogs, you’ll also get powerful insights about how to strategically use PunchOut capabilities for exciting new growth.


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