The Power of Adaptable PunchOut Catalogs

By CorexpandCX on August 8, 2016


I was reminded recently about a guy I spoke with a couple of years ago.

This gentleman was really frustrated about how comfortable he had become with Ariba’s e-Procurement system, but now some other large customers were asking him to provide PunchOut Catalogs for other e-procurement systems.

For those other customers, he provided a .CIF file (a ‘line-item’ or ‘hosted catalog’ internal to the e-procurement system). He was stressed about the prospect of having to provide a different PunchOut Catalog to multiple customers on multiple platforms (eprocurement systems).

What I tried to help him understand was; that’s a good ‘problem’ to have. It’s pretty common these days (and getting more common every day), for suppliers to have multiple customers with unique contract items and pricing that have to be reflected in their unique, custom online PunchOut catalog (as well as private marketplaces, company stores, etc.).

And the fact of the matter is; Ariba is only one of dozens or e-procurement software systems on the market. For many suppliers in this guy’s situation, that could mean dozens of separate setups, and starting from square one every time. No wonder he was stressed.

So I had to ask him,

“What would happen if you could service clients using Oracle, SciQuest, Coupa, SAP, etc. with just a one time setup of a ‘Master Catalog’?”

I was then able to demonstrate how CoreXpand’s PunchOutCX product allows a supplier to become a Universal Punchout Catalog supplier. By creating just one ‘Master Catalog’ in our flexible platform, you can connect to any e-procurement system in the world.  The best part; each and every one of them can be completely unique.

Adaptable PunchOut Catalog System - PunchOutCX

One Master Catalog. Connect to ANY e-Procurement System


That gives you a level of adaptability and an ability to respond faster than your competitors. By creating a new PunchOut Catalog on the fly with complete flexibility of features like:

  • Custom product mixes
  • Custom pricing
  • Multiple platform connectivity
  • Rapid response to new RFPs
  • Rapid PunchOut Catalog implementation in days or weeks instead of months
  • and much more, including bid and rfq assistance from our experts

That’s a pretty serious edge: to be able to respond and adapt to any customer request or contract bid with speed and efficiency. But that takes a PunchOut Catalog platform that is supplier-friendly and adaptable enough to let you create custom catalogs at a moment’s notice. That’s PunchOutCX.

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