The Secret Ingredient of a Successful B2B Seller Recipe

By CoreXpand's B2B E-Commerce Team on September 23, 2013

Just like a master chef, many successful B2B sellers have their “secret ingredient” that they use in their recipe for success. But, as more adaptable B2B practices become the most popular items on the menu, more secrets are being revealed.

As sellers, you’ve probably noticed certain features in consumer e-commerce marketplaces that are glaringly absent in most B2B seller websites. Well, just like their B2C counterparts, B2B buyers play the role of the consumer, and those missing conveniences do not go unnoticed.

An article from MarketingProfs shares tips on improving your B2B e-commerce experience by looking at popular B2C functions. Here’s a quick look at some of the functions that most businesses can benefit from.

Personalized Content – In order to meet specific buyer and customer needs, sellers must offer a more personalized online consumer experience. Personalized content can include customized product categories, flexible payment options, budget trackers, order approval routing, and more.

Better Search Capabilities – As with all things in business, time is of the essence. Buyers don’t want to wade through a massive product catalog and take forever to find what they need.  By customizing the experience of customer specific buyers, you can save buyers time by showing them only what they need from you. You can even include contract specific items and prices.

Strong Content Management – Buyers want accurate, up-to-date information. Whether that’s product availability or product specifications, sellers must be able to have a system that allows simple, real-time updates to their products.

Seller Analytics – In addition to making things easier for the buyer, you as a seller also need functions that enable you to monitor and evaluate buyer behavior and trends. The right system can help you do that, in addition to providing the content management described above.

Other “B2C-esque” features were mentioned in MarketingProfs article. Product reviews with social integration which allows buyers to submit consumer reviews and satisfaction ratings on products to provide value to other buyers in their organization. And mobile integration gives buyers the convenience of placing and managing orders through wireless devices.

All of this boils down to one thing: adapting the way you do business to suit the way your customers do business. And, just like B2C practices, you want to integrate these things sooner rather than later to keep your competitive edge.

Keep in mind that B2B buyers are consumers too, in that they are looking for convenience and a pleasant buying experience. By incorporating buyer friendly B2C practices, you add that dash of excellence to your customer’s experience – just like the award winning chef.

If you’d like to see some real-world applications of this type of buyer friendly competitive edge, just request a private tour of CoreXpand’s proven B2B system.

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