COVID-19: e-Commerce and e-Procurement

We are living in unprecedented times, as COVID-19 has not only disrupted our supply chains but our very way of life. Businesses around the world are struggling to find ways to adapt. Organizations that were already using B2B e-commerce already recognized the importance of connecting their clients with their products. They also recognize that now making sales is more important, and more challenging, than ever before.

Suppliers with B2B e-commerce capability are better positioned to adapt to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. And suppliers equipped with the tools to connect with e-procurement platforms via punchout (like Ariba, COUPA, and Jaggaer) can easily provide their products directly to their clients – remotely.

On the flip-side, integrating the order payment process via e-invoicing further simplifies the procure-to-pay process for the buyer and vendor alike.

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