Staying Competitive with a Flexible, Customizable, Adaptable eCommerce Platform

Bergman Incentives is a fifth generation, family owned business with over 30 years€™ experience in the promotional products industry. They focus on providing value-added services to their large nationwide corporate clients.  To stay competitive in the marketplace, Bergman Incentives was looking for eCommerce platform that would allow them to be flexible, adaptable, and efficient in supporting their client needs.

David Gilinsky, President of Bergman Incentives, explains that after reviewing a number of solutions, €œ”the Corexpand solution was the one that offered a tremendous amount of flexibility on a client-by-client basis, since none of our clients want to run things the exact same way. Corexpand had the features that we needed and had the flexibility to make changes without costing our clients a whole lot of money.”

Since 2002, Bergman has implemented over 20 online stores using Corexpand’s adaptable e-commerce  technology, including special purpose sites for their customers as well as traditional corporate marketing company stores. “What’s really robust about the Corexpand platform,” says Mr. Gilinsky, “is the backend and the ability to drill down into details. If a client wants to only allow certain people to see certain things, then we can do it. We’re able to deliver the features they want without having to charge for additional custom work.”

One of the best features of the Corexpand product for Bergman Incentives has been the ability to manage each online store independently. They can customize the experience for each client while still keeping their core data centralized.

The ability to adapt to customers’ changing needs quickly is another key feature that has allowed Bergman, on more than one occasion, to win and retain business over its competitors.

Mr. Gilinsky emphasizes, “It’s happened more than once. When a client has a need and they’re not sure how to tackle it, we’re able to take it off their plate. As an example, without hesitating and in a matter of day, we can literally create a special purpose site for 5000+ employees where we can collect their sizes and then individually package and distribute the products. We can create logins and specify user access for the clients quickly and efficiently.”

With Corexpand’s solution, having over 350,000 promotional products available in Bergman’s inventory in a multitude of sizes and quantities, and then creating custom, independently managed, personalized client sites that can adapt quickly. “It’s not a huge undertaking,” explains Gilinsky.

Having the flexibility in their eCommerce platform enabled Bergman Incentives to provide a variety of value-added services to their clients. Projects that are generally thought of as massive projects become quick, simple tasks, and make the internal process of managing large clients more efficient.

We’re able to do more for our clients without hesitating because we have the tools in our toolbox,” says Gilinsky. As an added competitive advantage, this flexibility has also enabled Bergman Incentives to retain present customers and gain new ones over the years because they can adapt and personalize their customers’ wants and needs into their online stores.


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