Grow your business with a full spectrum of ecommerce solutions.


From simple sites to custom projects, many technology providers claim they can do it all. But when it comes down to it, they can’t deliver. We can.

Your Strategic Advantage

The successes of Corexpand customers come from the ability to be more strategic by using our flexible technology platform.

This strategic approach is based on three proven principles:

The more adaptable the technology platform used to store your supplier data, the more rapidly you can scale your business.

Why Choose Corexpand?

After working with thousands of businesses, we know what it takes to get the job done. Unlike some providers, we actually listen to your needs, help you identify the best solution, and use our proven, service oriented process to help you get setup as quickly and painlessly as possible.


Once you are set up in the system, you can create as many new eStores as you need, with point and click ease, through our powerful Admin Console.

We have a vast array of gorgeous eStore graphical templates you can choose from. You can also use our fantastic design team for a custom look for your more demanding customers.

Easily create and manage points and rewards programs on the fly. Corexpand also has extensive experience integrating with externally managed point/rewards programs as well as advertising and co-op budgets.

Create buzz and incentives with gift certificates and coupon codes. Use these tools to drive sales to your company store and help build add-on sales.

Our flexible eStore platform allows you to determine which line items to automatically calculate in the store, such as imprint fees, set-up fees, and line-item fees. This ensures correct pricing and hassle-free ordering for your customers – every time.

Automated request for quote tool gives your buyers greater confidence and convenience. This tool allows your customers to request a quote – right in your eStore. No more phone tag, faxes or back and forth emails for your customers.


Many sellers find this convenience leads to more sales, more often.

For those customers who need to design their own pieces, our advanced designer tool allows any products to be customized, saved and re-ordered whenever your customers need.

Your customers will enjoy the ease of customizing any product, including logo size/location, choosing colors and adding text. They can even upload their own artwork, change fonts, and more, with point and click ease, right in your company store.

The designer tool allows promo dealers to create pre-set pricing profiles that calculate pricing based in imprint locations, and decoration type.

After providing solutions for thousands of organizations, including the complex structures of Fortune 500 companies and government entities, Corexpand has perfected an extensive array of customer centric functions you may choose to offer your clients.

For example, your company stores can be integrated into your customers’ purchasing approval processes. You can even help their purchasing management efforts with budgeting controls. These proprietary functions help you fit into your customers; preferred purchasing workflows, methods, and processes in ways that your competitors can’t.

Our flexible eCommerce platform allows you to also connect your catalog data with any customer’s e-procurement system via stable, worry-free Punchout catalogs

If your customers use internal networks (intranets) for their employees, they may utilize Single Sign On technology (SSO), so their users don’t have to remember multiple passwords and account information.

SSO can be extremely complex, with multiple types of SSO with varying degrees of integration. Fortunately, Corexpand has extensive experience configuring SSO’s and we will work with you and your client to seamlessly integrate your solution with theirs, giving you yet another advantage over your competitors.