FAQ - General Questions About CoreXpand

Corporate Images Logo “CoreXpand is in the forefront of the company store technology. With the modular system, it is very easy to develop and create exactly what your client is looking for.”

Rick Palmer,
President, Corporate Images

Who is CoreXpand?

We’re specialists in supply chain management and internet marketing. We help businesses connect people, systems and data in a way that eliminates the chaos and simplifies the processes in the world of buying and selling - what we call "buying and selling... simplified. We provide adaptable e-commerce tools and solutions that help businesses communicate better and transact orders with far less effort, resulting in increased profitability.

Before starting CoreXpand in 1999 in Atlanta, GA, we were wholesale distributors selling promotional products. So, we understand your needs and feel your pain. We developed our software to solve our own problems; but now we'd like to share it, plus our expertise, with other buyers and wholesalers, so they don't have to go through what we went through. You can learn and save from our mistakes and expense!

We make business fun again. Learn more about our enterprise solutions.

What does CoreXpand do, exactly?

We solve the complex problems of buying and selling by taking them to the Internet and making them simple. Instead of printed catalogs and all the other shotgun approaches that are out there, we create online stores that can be individualized to customers' specific needs. We will differentiate you by differentiating your websites. We will build a customer loyalty program by making things as easy and simple as possible for them. And we will make your own life easier by keeping things as organized as possible for you.

We also create automation where things were previously done by hand. We will increase supply chain visibility by giving you the best reporting system on the planet. We will improve relationships between you and your customers by improving your communications and your ability to respond quickly to their needs. We will increase your effectiveness by interconnecting everyone and everything in your system, so there are no breakdowns, gaps or duplications. Whatever you're doing, we will fine tune it so your business runs like a well-oiled machine.

suppliers and e-procurement systems “I looked all over for this technology and thank goodness I found CoreXpand.”

Nicole Loftus,
CEO and Founder, Zorch

“Has CoreXpand helped us increase our sales? Yes, they helped one of our product lines become a generator of seven-figure revenue.”

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How are CoreXpand's solutions different from Ariba, Oracle, iPro and all the others?

If your system uses Ariba, Oracle, iPro or some similar software to do e-procurement, CoreXpand will complement and improve it - not replace it. Those programs are too complicated for the average user; so we apply a user-friendly, intuitive layer that allows any authorized person to connect easily to your system. We also do many things that these larger programs don't: like provide the front-end, storefront or window dressing to their back-end. Nothing in your current system has to be replaced or changed, but things will be greatly improved with our solutions.

Another thing about these larger systems: all suppliers do not have the capability to connect with or punch-out to them. Our Supply Center software gives them that capability. We host the supplier's site and do all the work necessary to get them connected.

One of the things we do that is unique is to supply feedback on which products are selling best, which buyers are buying most, what they're buying, etc. When developing an internet marketing strategy, this type of information is invaluable. Which is why we say we're all about buying and selling, not just distributing products. Let the Aribas, Oracles and iPros handle your e-procurement. We'll help you sell more and better.

We take the frustration out of buying and selling. You'll be able to punchout to Ariba, SAP, Oracle and all the rest.

How intrusive are CoreXpand's solutions? Will I have to change anything in my system?

You will not have to change your current system if you use our solutions. We simply apply a user-friendly, intuitive layer that helps your system run better. There is also little to no IT support necessary. It's kind of like adding STP to your gas tank: we'll help your system run cleaner and better.

Our enterprise solutions are totally non-intrusive. We'll help you set up a "clean" purchasing system.

 Bergman Incentives Logo “The CoreXpand solution was the one that offered a tremendous amount of flexibility on a client-byclient basis.”

David Gilinsky,
President, Bergman Incentives

suppliers and e-procurement systems “Having a PunchOut catalog allows me to overcome objections when I have conversations with new prospects and buyers.”

Dave Heiby
VP of Sales and Marketing Beltway Supply

How is CoreXpand paid?

We are fee-based; but there are a number of ways we might receive those fees. One is for the client to pay them. Another is for the end-users, your customers, to pay them. There are also ways for the solutions we provide to pay for themselves. One money-making solution is what we call "hidden money," which means the money to pay for the solution already exists within your system. Another is for you to create "profit centers" using our tools. Cost is rarely a problem because of the money we save our clients.

Our cost structure is broken down into three parts: setup fees, monthly maintenance fees and, sometimes, price-adders for buyers. Fees differ depending upon whether it is the supplier paying them or the buyer. Most solutions involve a combination of the two. Talk with one of our consultants for a breakdown of fees and fee options.

We're here to answer any question you may have. Call us at 1-800-226-0834.

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